Useful Websites for Parents

We are receiving lots of useful advice to help people during this strange time. We will try to add the links here as we get them with a brief description of what they are about. Please click the links below to find the relevant information.  We hope you find this helpful.

Food and nutrition, including National Voucher Scheme

Advice about bills

Advice and websites about keeping healthy

Good mental health help and advice

Local help and advice including from local churches

Help and advice for parents, including how to keep your children safe on the Internet

Jobs and school leavers, including lots of recent opportunities for employment and training opportunities

Domestic abuse help and advice: #SittingRightWithYou or Make yourself heard

If you need to contact Citizens’ Advice in the coming weeks, you will need to ring one of the numbers on the attached leaflet as all face-to-face appointments have been cancelled.  Citizens’ Advice leaflet

Early Help and other useful advice together in one place: Early Help and more

Advice line set up to help those who live alone and may be self-isolating: 0161 342 3455 for help

BAME advice leaflet about Covid 19 – BAME leaflet

Advice for Parents

Advice on preparing children for the transition back to school: Preparing to return

Transition to high school leaflet to help parents prepare their children: Preparing for high school

What is social distancing, explained with pictures and words: What is social distancing?

The school nurses now have a Facebook page: School nurses

Clear and simple factsheet to explain coronavirus to children: NHS factsheet

A book to help children understand what coronavirus is: My hero is you

A children’s guide to coronavirus: Children’s Commissioner

Government guidance on supporting children’s mental health: Guidance to support mental health

An Easy Read guide on how to look after your feelings and your body:  Guide to look after your feelings and your body

How to help your child cope with stress they may have due to recent events: Help your child to cope with stress

Online courses to help you to understand your children, especially in these difficult times. Use the code SUNFLOWER.  Our Place

Whilst learning from home, children will spend some time on the Internet.  These activities will help parents to support online safety with their children.  Think U Know

Early attachment help and advice: Early attachment

Do you need help, support and guidance?: Parenting helpline

A short book written by a teacher who wanted to help the children in his class cope with the school closures: How to NOT go to School

An online book about a dog who is worried about Covid19 – a good way to help younger children to understand: A Nurse Dotty book


Whilst self-isolating, it may be difficult to “top up” prepayment meters. If you contact your supplier, they may be able to send out up to two weeks of top ups:  Gas and electricity suppliers

Are you struggling to pay your Council Tax?  Some advice and possible help: Council Tax

Are you struggling to pay bills during lockdown or Covid-19? Help and advice

Employment & School Leavers

The new Covid-19 service for jobseekers and school leavers: Covid-19 Service

Various recent job opportunities throughout Greater Manchester: Jobs

Online training opportunities if you are currently unemployed: Maximus


Some information regarding food projects for those families who may be struggling during Covid.

Information about the opening times of foodbanks during the Christmas season: Opening information

Tameside information

We are using the national voucher scheme for Free School Meals, if you are having difficulties the FAQ for this can be found here.  Vouchers can now be used at Aldi

Tameside’s Children’s Nutrition Team have brought out some ideas on eating healthily, but still on a budget, including a 5-day planner.
Planner issue1    Planner Issue 2    Planner Issue 3   Planner Issue 4  Planner Issue 5   Planner Issue 5
Planner Issue 6

Fact File – Cooking Know How    Fact File – Cooking Essentials    Fact File – Shopping
Fact File – Applying for free school meals      Fact File – Food on a Budget   Advice

Family Meal Planner 1    Family Meal Planner 2   Family Meal Planner 3   Family Meal Planner 4   Family Meal Planner 5   Family Meal Planner 6

If you are in need of help from the foodbank, call the help-line on: Mon-Fri 10am-3pm – 0333 772 1916 or visit

Tameside Council have a list of businesses still open to supply groceries, some of which will deliver or you can arrange collection:  Groceries suppliers

Tameside’s Children’s Nutrition Team are sharing healthy eating advice, recipe ideas and tips on how to make your food go further. They can be found on Twitter @NHSTamesideCNT.

You can also check if you qualify for Healthy Start Vouchers. You get free vouchers every week to spend on milk, plain fresh and frozen fruit and vegetables, and infant formula milk. You can also get free vitamins. Pregnant or have children under the age of four? You could qualify if you’re on benefits, or if you’re pregnant and under 18.

Keeping Healthy

Keeping healthy and exercising is important.  This can still be done whilst self-isolating or staying in: Super Six

Local Help & Advice

Mottram and Hattersley Covid-19 support line

Local churches are working together to offer support Silver Cord

Mental Health

The latest mental health services poster Tameside Mental Health

Being There is a befriending service for those with life-limiting conditions: Referral form    Befriending service poster

Boost your wellbeing during the crisis: 10 days of happiness

Government guidance on supporting children’s mental health: Guidance to support mental health

An Easy Read guide on how to look after your feelings and your body:  Guide to look after your feelings and your body

A practical guide to help with your mental wellbeing during these difficult times Practical help guide

Having good mental health helps us to relax more.  Check out some tips on the NHS Every Mind Matters website

Various websites for children and young people on issues around sleeping, anxiety, online safety and more:  Emotional wellbeing or Sleep routine top tips

Resources for mental health and wellbeing, including advice and contact numbers: Anna Freud Centre

Resources for mental health and wellbeing: CAMHS

Advice on supporting children with bereavementChildhood Bereavement Network

Helping you to talk to your child about coronavirus: Talking about it or 5-point plan