Summer Term

In our English lessons, we continued our work on the poem ‘The Jabberwocky’. As well as some drama and musical composition, we used our imaginations to write diary entries, writing from the view of the boy who slew the Jabberwock!

Our English work then went on to focus on the features of biographies, which included researching and writing our own celebrity biography. 

For Maths this term, we focused on: percentages, geometry, position and movement. Later in the term, we will cover: measurements, area and perimeter. During the nicer weather, we decided to take our learning outside.  Children were given 12 metre sticks and tasked with creating as many different shapes with a perimeter of 12 metres!

In our History lessons, we continued to learn about Henry VIII and his six wives. We also studied different aspects of Tudor life including: life in a Tudor town/village and exploration during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I.  In Art, we researched and produced portraits of Tudor monarchs and their wives.

We learnt about Mountains in geography including how mountains are made.  Linking our Geography lessons to ICT, each child was given a mountain to research and produce a fact file on.  

In Science, we completed our work on properties and changes of materials. For computing, we used Kodu software to complete our own 3D platform game, challenging others to try them out and give feedback. During French lessons, we learnt how to introduce our family and friends and had a French feast to celebrate our learning.

Music lessons started to include instrument playing, alongside composition.

Swimming lessons restarted – remember to bring either a one piece costume and cap, or swimming trunks.  We ended the swimming sessions with an Olympic-themed lesson.