Summer Term

During this final term, our work in religious education is based on Life in the Risen Lord and People of other Faiths, with a particular focus on Judaism. On May 4th, Class 5 held a court session to decide if Jesus had truly risen.  Evidence and questions were put together and court was held by Judge Woolley.

On Monday May 23rd, Class 5 were invited to All Saints Catholic College for a retreat with Shrewsbury Diocese Youth Mission Team.  The children learnt lots of different information about saints, working together and being uniquely made in God’s image. 

In our English lessons, we study classic fiction including Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo and the poem the Lady of Shalott. Also, children write their own newspaper articles based around a picture book called Scoop. Each week, we practise our spellings and are tested every Friday.

Year 5 Term 3A (Summer 1) Spelling Overview

Year 5 Term 3B (Summer 2) Spelling Overview

Kensuke's Kingdom - Churchfields Junior School The Lady of Shalott', John William Waterhouse, 1888 | Tate           Scoop! By Cathy Tincknell

Our topics covered in maths this term are: shape, space and measure; and roman numerals. Also children continue to recall with increasing speed and accuracy the times tables along with the associated division facts. 

Perimeter and Area knowledge organiser

During science lessons, the topic is animals including humans with a particular focus on stages of development. This  also links to our work in PSHE and RSE. 

Our history topic for this term is the Victorians, where children complete a local area study ‘Cottonopolis’. Linked to this topic, we practise weaving skills and make baskets. Also children print on fabric in the style of the Victorians. 

The Victorians knowledge organiser

                        Queen Victoria - Wikipedia                Cottonopolis" - The Development of Manchester

In geography, children learn how mountains are made; about different mountain ranges;  identify the major mountains around the world and the UK; and research a Mountain of their own choice. 

Mountains knowledge organiser

In computing lesson, children are introduced to 3D modelling and concept maps. 

During French lessons, we learn how to introduce our family and friends. 

Music lessons will continue every Friday with Mr Conway. This includes instrument playing, singing and music composition. Swimming lessons will continue every Thursday afternoon.