Advent is the joyful season when we count down to, and prepare for, the great feast of Christmas. Advent lasts for four weeks and we make Advent Wreaths to symbolise this wait. The Advent Wreath is circular to show that God’s love has no beginning and no end; it is made of evergreen leaves as God’s love never dies; it has 5 candles, 3 purple, 1 pink and 1 white. We light the pink one on Gaudate Sunday, which is half way through Advent and we save the white one for Christmas Day.

In December (or sometimes very late in November) we start the Liturgical Year with the First Sunday of Advent. During the first week in December, every class makes an Advent Wreath, which we then bring into the hall for a special Advent Wreath Blessing Service. This starts a lovely time of waiting and preparation for the great feast of Christmas. It is always a very exciting time at St James’.