Sports Premium

Here at St. James’, we love sports and so we use the money allocated to us from the Government to make improvements to the quality of PE and sport. In the financial year 2022/23, we have used our Sports Premium Grant to:

  • Fund more time with our School Sports Coach, Terri, so pupils can train in different sports and prepare for competitions.
  • Fund the equivalent of two afternoons a week so Mr Partridge can train the football teams.
  • Fund swimming lessons for pupils in Year 5 for the entire year including transport to the swimming baths.
  • Pay for new PE equipment.
  • Update sports boxes for each class so that children are more active during break times.
  • Transport pupils to sports competitions.

This year our Sports Premium allocation has been £17,450.


Extra sports coaching has increased our pupils’ skills and confidence, allowing them to compete against other schools in the borough as well as against schools throughout Greater Manchester. We have had great success in a range of sports, with the Year 5/6 girls even reaching the final at the Manchester United tournament.

Funding extra swimming lessons has allowed more pupils to reach the National Curriculum target of swimming 25 metres unaided and improved the skills of all pupils. 17 out of 25 of the year 5 children who went swimming this year achieved their 25 metres award.  In addition, 15 out of 25 children achieved their National Curriculum award.

The sports boxes, used at break times and lunch times, encourage all pupils to be more active.

Paying for transport to sports competitions has enabled more pupils to attend events.

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