Sports Premium

We love our sports here at St. James’ and so we use the money allocated to us from the Government to make improvements to the quality of PE and sport. In the financial year 2021/22, we have used our Sports Premium Grant to:

  • Fund more time with our School Sports Coach Terri so we can train in different sports. 
  • Fund the equivalent of two afternoons a week so Mr Partridge can train us, particularly in football and cricket. 
  • Fund swimming lessons for pupils in Year 5 for the whole year including transport to the swimming baths.
  • Pay for new PE equipment including: new basketball/netball portable nets, new training footballs and kit.
  • Pay for new sports boxes for each class so that children are more active during break times. 
  • Pay for new Forest School resources which encourage the children to be more active and promote teambuilding.

This year our Sports Premium allocation has been £22,903 (some of this was carried over from last year).

Although we have not entered our usual competitions this year (due to covid) we have been preparing well for when we do! 

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