Spring Term

It’s all go in Year 6 as we prepare for the up and coming SATs tests in May.  I have to say that all of our children have worked extremely hard in order to go into the tests confidently and able.  I am very proud of each and every one of them.  Could I urge you to help your children at home, by practising times tables, going on spelling shed and TT Rockstars and encouraging them to read every night

We have had a very busy spring term so far with lots of exciting events.

On Thursday 23rd of January, our school re launched Times tables rockstars. This is an online platform which helps children in practicing their times tables and is available to access from home. To support the re launch, all of the children and staff dressed up as rock stars for the day!


On Wednesday 30th January we went to the MEN arena where the children were part of the Young Voices choir. It was a brilliant day – we all laughed, danced and sang our hearts out and their behaviour was impeccable.

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During our Art lessons this term, we have been looking at self portraits using symmetry. We completed our own symmetrical self portraits.



During this term, we have been looking at justice and what it is. We have focused on some very important people from the 20th Century. These included:

– Rosa Parks and the Montgomery bus protest.

– Martin Luther King and his peaceful protests for equal rights.

– Saint Oscar Romero who was killed for speaking out about the injustice in El Salvador.

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In our Geography lessons, we recreated a water cycle In a bag which enabled us to clearly see the four stages of the water cycle. These stages are condensation, precipitation, collection and evaporation.


The children’s times tables are really improving in class 6. Each week we have times tables tests and they get the next addition to their ice cream bowl once they have achieved full marks. During this term and next term, each child will have the equivalent numbers of scoops they have earned in a real ice cream sundae!