Summer Term

We have had an exciting and busy final term in year 6. It has been our turn for Forest schools and we have really made the most of it being our final one. We have made toasting rods, lit fires, toasted bread, made s’mores and worked as a team to make the ‘biggest and best’ den that would be fit for purpose in a variety of weather conditions. 

We have also had Sports day which is one of our favourite days of the year where we get to compete against eachother in a variety of challenges. We were also able to compete against each other during the penalty shoot outs for the inflatable speed tent. Michael was our winner with a score of 52!

We have finished off our time at St James’ with our fantastic leavers assembly and Shell Fest (which unfortunately had to be moved indoors due to the weather).

Year 6 will be greatly missed but we wish them all the luck in the world in their high schools.