Spring Term

In english we used the book Aliens love underpants by Claire Freedman to learn how to write our own stories. We began by looking at  other story books. We worked as a small group to discuss and record how the authors had used pictures and words to let the reader know where each story was set.  We presented our reasons to the whole class.   We then learned how adjectives make a sentence more interesting and can be used to describe a character and indicate emotion. As we read the Underpant story we dramatised the emotions of the aliens. It was great fun. Finally we wrote our own alien story making sure we used really good sentences that included adjectives, a charater description and a suitable setting. Each story had to have a beginning, middle and end and we checked our story to be sure they made sense!

In art we have studied Piet Mondrian, and have replicated his abstract style using collage, crayon and ICT. We know that his work uses primary colours, black and white and lines.

We practice our drawing skills when we arive to school. We follow online tutorials to draw pictures that we are likely to need in our drawings for learning throughought the curriculum. This helps our writing to become neater too!

In RE we have continued to learn about how we can ‘Follow Jesus.’  We have listened to, and then dramatised the story of the Good Samaritan and understand that we too can help others by being a good friend and not walking past those who might need our help or friendship. We finished our learning with a quiz all about the story. We love a quiz in Year 1!

During Holy week we retold the Easter story, made our own diary and symbolic crafts relating to each day from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday and celebrated a thoughtful class Good Friday liturgy.  

We retold the the events of Good Friday, reflected in prayer and created artwork as a class to complete the whole school  ‘Way of the Cross.’