Some resources to aid transitioning back to school: My lockdown experience   Transitioning back to school   Going back to school   School soon

Sound bottles for sensory seekers or differentiating sounds: Clink clank, ding dong, rustle rustle, splashy, thud thud

Copying the pattern on the sheet using beads (counters or buttons could be used in the absence of beads): Copy the pattern

For children that may find it hard to vocalise their feelings and emotions: Mood fan

Spotting what shouldn’t be in the picture – maybe extending to explaining where the object should be instead: What’s wrong?

The useful skill of cutting can be practised here: Scissor cutting skills

Some gross motor activity cards: Gross motor

Some fine motor activity cards: Fine motor

Worksheets to practise handwriting and pencil control: Pencil control

A visual timetable for home learning: Visual timetable

An easy-to-use typing program, with free access at the moment: Clicker

Number cards to practise counting or number recognition: Number cards

The SEND Pupil Support Service can offer support and guidance to parents who have SEND children at home, and who are currently struggling to support, engage and/or manage their SEND needs. The helpline is open Mon-Fri: 9am to 11am on 0161-343 8381 and 11am to 1pm  on 07971132375