Class 6

Year 6 SATS update 

For the attention of Year 6 Parents

Next week (w/c Monday 9th May), we have our SATS tests. We ask that all children come into school for 8:15. We will provide breakfast free of charge. All tests will be completed in the mornings. 

We do not want children to worry about this, all we ask is for them to do their best. This weekend, I would like to set for the children as homework, the task of enjoying themselves. Spend time with family and friends and just have fun. The children have worked really hard in the run up to their tests and let us not forget the amount of time they have had to have out of school for lockdowns in the past two years. Mrs Davies, Mrs Snarr and myself are incredibly proud of them all. 


Welcome to Year 6.  We are Miss Mason and Mrs Snarr. We have worked together in year 6 for 6 years now and have got to the point that we can finish each other’s sentences. In our class, we expect our children to work incredibly hard and have to say they always manage to step up to the challenge. We explore some extremely grown-up topics and year on year we are blown away with both the way children want to learn (often going home and continuing to research) and the mature and the well thought out ideas we get from them.