Statutory Information

Statutory Information can be found on the following pages

Statutory Information Website Page 
School Contact Details Contact us
SENCo Contact Details Information → Special Educational Needs
Admissions Arrangements Policies → Admissions Policy
Ofsted Reports Information → School Performance
Assessment Results Information → School Performance
Curriculum Information Information → Curriculum
  Information → Curriculum  → Curriculum Overviews
  Information  → Reading Information
Behaviour Policy Policies
School Complaints Procedure Policies
Pupil Premium Information Information  → Pupil Premium
Sports Premium Information Activities  → Sports  → Sports Premium
  Activities  → Sports  → Swimming
SEN Report Information  → Special Educational Needs
Accessibility Plan Information  → Special Educational Needs
Equality Policies
Governors Information Information → Governors
Charging and Remissions Policies
Values and Ethos Welcome
Safeguarding Information → Safeguarding
RSE Policy Policies