Recycling WOW Day

On Monday the 10th March we had a fantastic Recycling Wow Day in school. It began with an assembly from Zoe from Plogolution explaining about the three Rs – Reducing, Reusing and Recycling. In our classes we all did different activities to learn about this, including watching a documentary about plastic in the oceans, making newspaper fashion, making hearts out of old magazines, making animals and pots out of old bottles, making sun-catchers out of old CDs and flower cards out of old bottle tops. The whole school also contributed to a large plastic bottle top mosaic in the entrance hall! It looks amazing but it’s not finished yet!


Half the school went out plogging with Zoe – picking up litter whilst walking or jogging. We were amazed by how much litter there was in our local area, and by how we don’t always notice it as much as we should. In total we collected 3 bags for landfill, 25 glass bottles, 192 plastic bottles and 215 cans! Impressive!


The other half had planned to visit the local Recycling centre to learn about how the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) sorts our mixed recycling. This was unfortunately cancelled at the very last minute, but we learnt a lot about what to put in each of our coloured bins by sorting the teacher’s weekend waste, and the science behind the MRF by watching a video and using Miss Chapman’s sieve, hammer, torches and magnets! After this we also walked around the local area making a tally of the rubbish we saw and marking it on a map – it was shocking!

 IMG_1063 DSCF3332

It was a fantastic day of Science, Geography, Art and DT, and everyone learnt something about how they can help improve our world – including the teachers!

We shared our learning with our families in our Good News assembly, and hopefully encouraged them to recycle more too! Have a look at our assembly slides to see pictures from the day:

Recycling Wow Day Family Assembly Slides