Online Information, Privacy & Security

Online Information

The internet provides us with a whole world of information at the click of a button, but how do we know which information is real and which is fake? How many of us ‘talk’ to our phones or other devices to gain information? How do we know this information is safe? What information is it gathering about us? These guides, which have been provided by National Online Safety, share some helpful tips and knowledge to shed a bigger light of this topic:

Conversation Starters for Parents and Carers – Online Content

Fake News

How To Spot Fake News

Internet Controls

Online Content

Online Hoaxes

Online Safety Tips for Children


Protecting Personal Data

Search Engines

Voice Activated Searching


Privacy & Security

There are so many ways today in which everyone knows where we are and what we are doing –  from location trackers to webcams and even the app store on our devices. It is essential that we protect the data that we share about ourselves and make available for others to see. The National Online Safety team have provided a range of helpful guides on different topics around privacy & security:

Age Ratings (BBFC & PEGI)

App Store


Hidden Photo Apps

Location Tracking

Online Grooming


Protecting Personal Data

Remote Access & Remote Data Deletion


The Deep Web & The Dark Web

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)