Project Ideas

Fun projects to choose from

  • Practise your brass instrument.
  • Sing!
  • Draw out your family tree and make a book about your family history.
  • Research Hattersley, when it was built and why.
  • Create artwork in the style of your favourite artist.
  • Try a new craft.
  • Research your favourite famous person, write their biography.
  • Research your favourite animal, write a fact file about it.
  • Design a new board game… write your rules… play with your family.
  • Design a new shop… what would you sell?.. what would you call it?… what would it look like?
  • Design and make a book for younger children… will it rhyme? is it a pop up book?
  • What historical period or event interests you? Research it and present your findings.
  • Practice a skill that you find difficult like shoe laces!
  • Tidy your room! (parent suggestion)