Lord Sheldon James of Hattersley

During the winter of 2018/2019 we were involved in the Walking with Snowmen project to celebrate the work of Raymond Briggs at venues all around Salford. Our Snowman arrived without a name and ready to be decorated. We held a design competition and took elements and inspiration from many of the children’s designs. We decided upon the name Lord Sheldon James of Hattersley (Sheldon to his friends) and settled on school colours as our palette. Everybody in our school community was invited to contribute to the decoration and we can all remember which part we did!

Our snowman then went off to the Lowry Outlet Village to go on display with other Snowmen from other schools. A group of us were lucky enough to go to the grand opening and we played our brass instruments! Lots of us visited him over the school holidays and he has a special photo album of all his visitors. Once the event was over he returned to school where he is very much part of our community and joins in with all special events. On April Fools Day he even played a trick on us and we came in to find a bowl of water in his place!