Autumn Term

We have had a great first term in year 1. 

In Religious Education our topic was Mary Our Mother and Advent. We have learned just how special Mary was to be chosen by God to be the Mother of His Son. We looked forward to celebrating Jesus’ birth by lighting one more candle on our advent wreath. We wrote advent promises to help us to prepare ourselves for Jesus’ birth.

In Maths we are learning how  to add and subtract by using number bonds, diagrams and counting on, on a number line and we continue to learn shape names and properties.

Our English texts were ‘Nibbles the book Monster’ and ‘Lost and Found.’ We enjoyed both of these books and began learning about writing really good sentences using Capital Letters, ‘Fred talking’ each word, Finger spaces and Full stops. We are really trying hard to make our writing all the same size and sat on the line.

In Science we have been learning about the seasons. We have discussed the  weather for each season and dressed up in suitable clothing for the summer months. Luckily it has been snowy and cold outside so we came to school dressed appropriately. We enjoy singing the seasons of the year song and naming the months. We have made a rainfall gauge to  collect the rain over one night and one weeek. We had to think scientifically to predict how much rain we thought we would collect.

In Geography we have been working really hard to name the continents of the world.  We had great fun looking at, and drawing, the typical features of the land in each continent and adding them to our wall map. We exerienced ‘travelling’ to each contintent in the hall. We realised that they were quite far away from each other so it was better to fly than swim!