Spring Term

Well what a wonderful start to the Spring Term! In maths we have finished learning written methods to add and subtract and are moving on to multiplication and division. We are continuing to work hard in our phonics and are becoming confident and fluent readers. In history we have begun learning about the different monarchs of the UK, and we have all really enjoyed creating mono prints in art! We have had a little change around and in science we have really enjoyed comparing habitats and species of animals, with a focus on owls. This has supported the Pathways to Write module, writing a non-chronological report on owls.

To help us gather facts about owls for our text we had a fabulous visit from Katy and four of the owls she looks after! The children wrote fabulous questions to ask her and listened so well to Katy’s answers, and were very respectful of our owl visitors! We got to see a Tawney owl, Long Eared owl, African Spotted Eagle owl and a Tropical Screech owl! They flew over our heads and we even got to look at them up close when we all got to hold the Tropical Screech owl! It was a great learning experience and I can’t wait to read the non-chronological reports!