Spring Term

This is what previous year’s Year 2 were up to:

Happy New Year Year Two, I hope that you all had a nice and safe Christmas.

This term hasn’t quite started the way we expected but hopefully we can continue with some of the topics we had planned, even if most of you are completing them remotely at home!  I have been extremely enjoying receiving and marking your work every day and I especially enjoy the voice notes you are sending me, if you haven’t done one yet, please do, it’s lovely to hear your voices!!

Remote Learning

I will be setting three lessons daily which can be found on Purple Mash in the ‘To Do’s’.  There will be at least one English activity, a Maths lesson and a Phonics lesson.  Some of the lessons (mainly Maths and Phonics) will contain a link to a pre-recorded lesson which is taught in the way the lesson would be taught in school.  Make sure you have a pencil and some paper as most lessons will require written work.  There will also be weekly spellings set with a quiz for you to complete at the end of the lessons once you have practiced them, just as we do in school.  There will also be a weekly R.E, ICT and Topic lesson set.

Once you have completed your written work please ensure you either upload your work onto Purple Mash or send it to our class email Class2@st-james-hyde.tameside.sch.uk.

It is very important that you are completing all or most of the tasks set daily so that your learning is progressing like it would be in school.  There may be some tasks that you find difficult or some that may not be as fun as others but you should at least have a go.  If you are struggling with certain tasks or accessing any of the online learning then please get in touch using the above methods or feel free to ring school as I am always available to help. Don’t worry if you are having a bad day, leave your work and have a rest, you should take advantage of being at home and having breaks when you need them.

Please take a look at some of the fantastic work the children have been doing at home!