CD FLY..All children at St James’ Catholic Primary School receive swimming lessons in Year 5. The school funds this and we pay extra so that the children receive 3 terms of lessons as we value swimming as a sport and as a lifesaving skill. We take part in the Tameside Catholic Schools Swimming Gala and the Tameside Sports Gala.

Traditionally, competitive swimming has not been our strength but we have started to win medals at both events!

All our children take the National Curriculum swimming test during Year 5 so we currently have 22/24 children in Year 6 who can swim 25metres using a range of effective strokes and can perform safe self rescue techniques.

Active Tameside have taken every precaution to keep all pupils safe with regards to Covid-19, travelling to the baths, changing in the changing rooms, and swimming.  Please read the letter which has been sent to school:  Swimming guidance