Hattersley Brass

Hattersley Brass was formed in 2013 after a conversation with other music coordinators in Hattersley. We were all a little disenchanted that once children went to high school they tended to give up playing their instruments and, at that time,  the Tameside Music Ensembles were too far away for children from Hattersley to access. Mrs Kinder and Mrs Walker from school and Mr Conway from Tameside Music Service decided to form a youth band based at St James for any young brass player to join. It very quickly developed into a community band as staff and parents wanted to be involved so were given an instrument!

We work closely with TMS and have many opportunities to perform on our own or with the Tameside Senior Brass players at Christmas, on Remembrance Day, on Whit Friday, at the Stoller Hall and on many other occasions. We are now very well known in Tameside and well supported by the Hattersley Community. 

Hattersley Brass meet in The Ark at St James’ every Wednesday… Beginners Brass is  3.45-4.45pm and Hattersley Brass is 4.45-5.45pm.

At the moment we have children from many different primary and secondary school. Please get in touch if you would like more information.