Summer Term

It has been  a busy time in year 1. We have learned lots of new things and practiced our skill at things we know to get even better.  We have talked about differences and similarities in the topic Explorers, looking at the lives of Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong. We looked at their  journeys  using maps and compasses. 

We are experts in ICT! We have  covered all the computing curriculum for year 1. We have learned  how to be safe online. group and sort , make pictograms, program a character to move through a maze, write a page in a story adding movement and sound and begun to understand basic coding.

In PSHE we have made a mobile phone to practice making a 999 phonecall to request help from the emergency services. We took our phone home so that our family could help us to learn our address and practice too.

In DT we look at some examples of moving pictures in books. They moved using sliders that could be turned, pushed or pulled.  We made a rocket  card with fire that moved and evaluated our design. Some of us decided that we would make some changes if we made it again. 

We have named and labelled parts of a plant and found out that  the food we eat is different parts of a plant!

Because we have missed a lot of  time in Reception and Nursery due to COVID we have missed the opportunity to learn through play and develop our gross and fine motor skills. We have been able to catch up on this essential learning by going into Nursery twice a week. Look at the fun we have had.

It has been a great year!