Autumn Term

Welcome back to school!  During the first half term, our theme in Year 5 is Earth and Space. 

For our Religious Education lessons, we learn about The Creation Story and Adam and Eve, which are in the first book of the Bible, Genesis.  Later on in the term, we also learn about the Ten Commandments and the journey that Moses took his people on.  Small groups of children plan and lead prayer and liturgy each week based on the theme or topic in our RE lessons. 

In science lessons, the children learn about the Solar System and the place Earth has in the universe. They  research different planets and how they orbit the Sun; and understand why we have day and night.

Earth and Space Knowledge Organiser

For our Maths lessons, we follow the Maths No Problem scheme of work. This terms it covers: place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and fractions.  We will have daily mental maths sessions which cover all four operations, as well as our weekly arithmetic tests and multiplication tests. 

multiplication and division knowledge organiser

During English lessons, we are following the Pathways to Writing scheme, which is new to our school, each unit being based on an a different genre of text.  We are looking forwards to using this scheme and will be starting with “Queen of the Falls”, which centres around Niagara Falls!  Each week, we practise our spellings and are tested every Friday.

Year 5 Term 1A (Autumn 1) Spelling Overview

Year 5 Term 1B (Autumn 2) Spelling Overview

Our History topic for this term is The Ancient Maya. We explore this fascinating and advanced civilisation, who created their own number system and calendars. 

Ancient Maya knowledge Organiser

In our Geography lessons, children will be introduced to maps and map reading with a particular focus on Mexico. They will make comparisons between Mexico and England, in terms of: climate, landscape and population (physical and human geography). 

During our Art lessons, we are again excited to start our lessons using the Access to Art programme.  Children will be taught skills, develop their understanding of various media and become confident artists. 

We will, of course, be continuing to learn French, enjoy our singing lessons in class and enjoy various sports with our PE coach.  A new lesson for year 5 is swimming, which we will do every week on Thursday afternoons.