Autumn Term

During the Autumn term, Year 5 are learning about Space and the place Earth has in the universe, linking this to our religious education lessons, as well as our English work. 

For our religious education lessons, we are learning about The Creation Story and Adam and Eve, which are in the first book of the Bible, Genesis.  

In English, we are looking at a range of evidence around the phenomena of UFOs. Children will be writing their own alien landing story. Later on in the term, we will be learning about deforestation and the effect this has on orangutans and their habitats. We will write our own persuasive letters about palm oil production. Later on in the term, we will be writing our own Christmas calamity stories based on Judith Kerr’s book.

Our history topic for this term is The Ancient Maya. We will explore this fascinating and advanced civilisation, who created their own number system and calendars. We are very fortunate in our class to have some wonderful artefacts from Guatemala, which we will investigate  during our archaeology lessons.

In our geography lessons, children will be introduced to maps and map reading with a particular focus on Mexico. They will make comparisons between Mexico and England, in terms of: climate, landscape and population (physical and human geography). 

During our art lessons, we will study the work of Frederick Catherwood, who was an English artist, architect and explorer,  best remembered for his meticulously detailed drawings of the ruins of the Maya civilisation. We will have the opportunity to produce our own sketches and carving Maya Stela.  Also will be producing impressionistic silhouette landscapes inspired by poppy artist Jacqueline Hurley.  

We will, of course, be continuing to learn French, enjoy our singing lessons in class and enjoy various sports with our PE coach.  A new lesson for year 5 is swimming, which we will do every week on Thursday afternoons.