Special Educational Needs

At St James’ Catholic Primary we provide for children with a wide range of Special Educational Needs.

Staff at St James’ are trained in a number of interventions and have experience of carrying out personalised programmes to support children with difficulties in speech, language and communication, social interaction and with emotions and behaviour. We also work well with a range of external agencies to support our children. We currently work with Speech and Language (we have a Speech and Language Therapist on site for one day a week), the Visual Impairment Service, the Hearing Impairment Service, CLASS and BLIS.

Please inform us of any known special needs when your child joins us and if we have any concerns we will contact you. The progress of all pupils is monitored regularly by class teachers and the senior leadership team, so that if a child is not making the expected progress in a particular area of learning the school can quickly identify the need for extra support. All teachers are also provided with information on the needs of the individual pupils so that they can plan the learning within the curriculum to ensure that all children make progress.

The wellbeing of all our pupils is our primary concern . They are supported with their social and emotional development through the school day and additional support specialist staff is arranged as needed for individual children.

Headteacher: Mrs Walker

Special Educational Needs Coordinators (SENCos): Mrs Kinder and Miss Chapman

Special Support Assistant (SSA): Mrs Hallsworth

Learning Mentor: Mrs Duggan

Speech and Language Therapist: Miss Atkinson (Fridays)

All can be contacted on the school phone number of 0161 368 3455.

Our Special Needs Policy can be found below.

SEN-Policy-updated 2019

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SEN Information Report 2019

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