Spring Term

January 2021.

Happy New Year! Welcome back to our Spring Term. 

Although the first part of this term will be delivered by remote learning, we will still be covering the topics that have planned for. The activities will be provided through 2Dos on Purple Mash every day whilst we are learning from home, but they are still going to be very similar to what we would be doing if we were in the classroom.

Here is what we will be learning throughout this term:


This term we are using our topic on the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings as our focus for all our English work. We are going to be using ‘Beowulf’ by Michael Morpurgo to develop our story writing skills with the main focus on character descriptions and speech, ‘Anglo Saxon Boy’ to develop our report writing skills enabling us to gather information from a variety of sources and we will also be using the poem ‘The Longboats Story’ to develop our poetry writing skills through the use of riddles and finally performing our own work based upon this poem.


We will be continuing with our daily counting, which will involve us practising our times tables that we will be tested on that week, and our weekly problem-solving lesson. We are continuing to use Singapore Maths which helps to deepen the children’s understanding of different mathematical concepts and methods through problem solving and reasoning. This term we are covering Further Multiplication and Division, Graphs, Fractions, Time, Decimals and Money.

Our online learning will be based on Fractions and we will be doing these lessons via a video through Purple Mash. 


We are going to be exploring and discussing the topics Jesus the Teacher and Jesus the Saviour this term. We will be doing this through The Way, The Truth and The Life. We will also be taking part in daily Collective Worship sessions which the children will prepare and control.


This term our topic is The Anglo-Saxons and Vikings specifically The Struggle for Power. We are going to be looking at the Anglo-Saxon and Viking Timeline and the events that took place during this time. We will be researching and discussing how the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings came to power and the roles that they each took on. We will be looking closely at artefacts and using critical thinking to explore how and why things happened during this time.


We are looking at Viking Art and will be creating our own version of these. We are going to be looking at key features and characteristics of different pieces of Viking Art as well as discussing similarities and differences. We will be learning how to draw basic Viking knots, then using this skill to create our own piece of Viking Artwork.


This term our DT topic is to design and make Anglo Saxon and Viking houses. We will be researching what Anglo Saxon and Viking houses were like and what they were made of. We will be designing our own version of these houses and creating our own village to represent this.

During our remote learning we will be revisiting the topic of ‘Bake Off’ which will enable us to use our research skills more and develop our baking skills at home.


This term we have three topics that we are going to be covering in Science – Good Vibrations, Switched On and Where does all that food go?. We will be exploring these topics in detail which will enable us to plan and take part in a variety of experiments where we will also have to use our predictive and conclusive skills.


Our topic this term is All Around the World. We will be taking a virtual ‘trip’ around the world by exploring the different countries, foods and celebrations. We will be using atlases and maps to locate different countries and continents around the world.


This term we are going to be looking at two topics – Going Shopping and Where in the world?. We will be learning new vocabulary and also writing sentences using this. Our French lessons allow us to use role play as well as developing our literary skills in this language.


We are continuing to use Purple Mash to develop our computing skills. This term we are focusing on Online Safety, Spreadsheets and Writing for Different Audiences. We are given a ‘2Do’ task each week that relates to the topic we are currently on. This allows us to develop our skills independently as well as learn new ones.


We are going to be using Yumu a lot this term which is a website where Mr Conway will be setting us different tasks to complete. These tasks will vary each session but will develop on the skills that we already have. We will be singing, listening to different music and comparing different rhythms and tempos.

When we are back in the classroom we will also continue to use Charanga as part of our music lessons.