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History Policy

History Curriculum Intent

At St James’, our aim is to ignite a curiosity to learn about the past that will help children understand who they are and how their environment and the world has changed over time. Children will acquire a wide range of range of Historical knowledge and skills to enable them to become critical, independent thinkers and help them understand and contribute to the world they live in.

We will develop the skills needed for children to think as historians; through first hand investigation and enquiry based learning. For example: through the use of our archaeological boxes to examine artefacts, thinking about what they suggest to us about the people or era.

We will help our children to understand the present in the light of the past; the influence that events in the past have had in shaping the present.

To understand the difference between the past and present and that people of other times and places may have held different values and attitudes from ours.

To develop their knowledge and understanding of major issues and events in the history of their own country and others.

To acquire a chronological structure and language in order to provide a frame-work for understanding the past.

To enrich other areas of the curriculum and to promote pupil’s awareness and understanding of gender, cultural, spiritual and moral issues.

We enable pupils to interpret a range of sources of historical information including: primary sources such as diaries, letters, autobiographies, songs and artefacts. Secondary sources such as stories, websites and TV programmes.

The History Curriculum follows the new National Curriculum introduced in September 2014. The teaching of History is organised through termly or half-termly topics, which are often linked to other subjects and topics taught.

Pupil Voice.

We asked our pupils to describe what they enjoy about History Lessons at St James.

Key Documents

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Why History matters?
Watch to understand why History matters: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LGEO-fghzcw

History activities around school: