Class 6 Celebration of the Word

Year 6 independently plan and prepare prayer and liturgy sessions and in groups are taking control of delivering them to the rest of the class.  Through this, our children develop a social, moral and spiritual culture which can help to develop responsibility and shape their young lives. 

During prayer and liturgy sessions, we study parables, scripture and the beatitudes looking at how they are still relevant now and we relate them to modern day life. We promote the acceptance of our own uniqueness and how at the same time we are all made in God’s image. In addition, we follow the liturgical year and think about some of the important figures in the Catholic Church and their feast days. 

When it comes to our Class Masses, children take ownership of them by carefully choosing hymns, writing prayers and looking at both the Old and New Testament in order to choose readings and relate them to the themes of our masses. This is an important process as it helps children to learn about the origins and structure of a mass. More importantly, together we are learning to follow Jesus.