Autumn Term

September 2021.

Hello and welcome to a new school year. We are looking forward to being able to enjoy a fun filled year with you. Here are our topics for this term…


This term we are using our topic on the Romans as our focus for all of our English work. We are going to be using ‘Romans on the Rampage’ to develop our story writing skills, ‘Avoid Being a Roman Soldier’ to develop our persuasive writing skills and we will also be looking at the work of Edward Lear and using the poem ‘Boudicca The Warrior Queen’ to develop our poetry writing skills.


We will be continuing with our daily counting, which will involve us practising our times tables that we will be tested on that week and also completing daily mental arithmetic questions. We are continuing to use Singapore Maths which helps to deepen the children’s understanding of different mathematical concepts and methods. This term we are covering Number to 10 000, Addition and Subtraction within 10 000, and Multiplication and Division.


We are going to be exploring and discussing the topics The Bible and Trust in God this term. We will be doing this through The Way, The Truth and The Life. We will also be experiencing World Faith Week.

4.1 – The Bible Knowledge Organiser

4.2 – Trust in God Knowledge Organiser


This term our topic is The Romans specifically Boudicca’s Rebellion. We are going to be looking at the Roman Timeline and the events that took place to lead to Boudicca’s Rebellion. We will be looking closely at artefacts and using critical thinking to explore how and why things happened during this time. We have had the opportunity to take part in role play scenarios where we became part of the Iceni Tribe.

Boudicca’s Rebellion Knowledge Organiser

Art and Design

We are focusing on different aspects of Roman Art this term. We have already started our own portraits based on Roman Mosaics. We will be using a variety of artistic skills and developing our knowledge of Art further.

Roman Mosaic Knowledge Organiser

Design Technology

We are going to be taking part in Bake Off as part of our Science topic on In a State. We will be comparing recipes, creating recipes and following recipes with the outcome of baking different things.

Bake Off Knowledge Organiser


This term we are learning about Coding, Online Safety and Spreadsheets using Purple Mash. Each week we are set a new challenge which we have to complete within the lesson time.

4.1 – Coding Knowledge Organiser

4.2 – Online Safety Knowledge Organiser

4.3 – Spreadsheets Knowledge Organiser


This term we will be focusing on three topics in Science – In a State, Good Vibrations and Our Changing World. We are going to be planning and taking part in a variety of experiments throughout these topics so watch this space…

In A State Knowledge Organiser

Good Vibrations Knowledge Organiser

Our Changing World Knowledge Organiser


Out topic this term is ‘What’s it like in Hattersley?’ where we will be exploring Hattersley now and then. We will be discussing and comparing similarities and differences around Hattersley and creating our own maps.

What’s It Like In Hattersley Knowledge Organiser


This term we are going to be learning how to play our brass instruments with Mr Conway. We are also going to be taking part in Charanga music lessons where we will be learning about different aspects of music.

Unit 1 – Mamma Mia Knowledge Organiser (Charanga)

Unit 2 – Glockenspiel Stage 2 Knowledge Organiser (Charanga)


This term we are going to be learning how to play Tag Rugby and Hockey. We will be exploring the rules of these games and the importance of playing together as a team. Terri from Tameside Sports will continue to teach our P.E. lessons.


During this term, we are going to be studying the topics of All Around The Town and On The Move. We will be recapping our counting in French as well as learning new terms and phrases which we will then be able to use in sentences.

All Around The Town Knowledge Organiser

On The Move Knowledge Organiser