Spring Term

A mouse took a walk through the deep dark wood….there he found Nursery getting stuck in to the Gruffalo topic!

The children love this book and all the characters! They enjoy looking through the story in our reading area and using the story spoons to re-enact the story.

They are enjoying using their imagination in the Gruffalo café, serving their friends roasted fox, scrambled snake, owl ice cream and Gruffalo crumble! They are using their maths skills to count the coins to pay for their meals as well as using their personal, social and emotional development when interacting with their friends.

In the playdough, children have been making Gruffalo crumble and owl ice cream!

Our sand pit has been taken over by snakes and has become a log pile house!

Our construction area has become a forest, children have painted the trees to decorate the area! Inside the children construct underground houses, tree houses, log pile houses and a Gruffalo cave!

Outside, children have been busy making log pile houses, many meals in the mud kitchen and using their investigative skills to find the Gruffalo’s features such as his purple prickles, poisonous wart and turn out toes!

We have a new member of the class too! Little Brown Mouse! He likes to stay with the helper and get busy in our areas with them! Then we write what he has been in his special book!

IMG_4472 IMG_4427 IMG_4433 IMG_4443

IMG_2616 IMG_2623 IMG_2629


23.1.20 Times Tables Rockstars Day

We loved TTRockstars day! Raising the profile of times tables and dressing up!

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24.1.20 Chinese New Year

We have learned all about the year of the rat and enjoyed all of the resources! We got busy mark making and trying on some Chinese clothes! We even tried some Chinese food like noodles, pak-choi, beansprouts and mixed vegetables! We particularly liked the prawn crackers and dipped them in to sweet and sour sauce! Our parents joined us too whilst we ate our Chinese food!

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