Advice for parents

Advice on preparing children for the transition back to school: Preparing to return

Transition to high school leaflet to help parents prepare their children: Preparing for high school

What is social distancing, explained with pictures and words: What is social distancing?

The school nurses now have a Facebook page: School nurses

Clear and simple factsheet to explain coronavirus to children: NHS factsheet

A book to help children understand what coronavirus is: My hero is you

A children’s guide to coronavirus: Children’s Commissioner

Government guidance on supporting children’s mental health: Guidance to support mental health

An Easy Read guide on how to look after your feelings and your body:  Guide to look after your feelings and your body

How to help your child cope with stress they may have due to recent events: Help your child to cope with stress

Online courses to help you to understand your children, especially in these difficult times. Use the code SUNFLOWER.  Our Place

Whilst learning from home, children will spend some time on the Internet.  These activities will help parents to support online safety with their children.  Think U Know

Early attachment help and advice: Early attachment

Do you need help, support and guidance?: Parenting helpline

A short book written by a teacher who wanted to help the children in his class cope with the school closures: How to NOT go to School

An online book about a dog who is worried about Covid19 – a good way to help younger children to understand: A Nurse Dotty book