Class 5

Year 5 Photo for transition again Mrs Clark

My name is Mr Woolley and I am the Year 5 teacher. We are really looking forward to welcoming you, the new Year 5, back in September. We have lots to look forward to.

Our theme for this first term is Earth and Space, which is my favourite topic of all. We will be learning about our solar system and all the planets. We will also be investigating evidence of UFO’s and writing our own alien landing stories.

As part of our history and geography work, we will be learning about the Ancient Maya, a fascinating and advanced civilisation who lived in the jungles of Central America. Also, we will look at the landscape and culture of Mexico and Guatemala.

Our teaching assistant will be Mrs Clark. As you probably already know, she is a Maths genius and will be supporting you with your work in the mornings.

In the afternoons, Mrs Kinder will be teaching some of the subjects.

Things might be a little different than usual, when you return, including sitting in rows whilst in class, but I am sure we will all get used to the changes and will help each other to keep safe.

Have a lovely summer break. Hopefully the warm, sunny weather will return. The Year 5 team will see you all in September.