Headteacher's Welcome

A big warm welcome to the community that is St James’ Catholic Primary School, Hattersley. Thank you for your interest in our school and we are glad that you have found our school website. We have recently made some big changes to our site and School sign hope that you find it interesting and informative and have as much fun reading it as we have had making it!

Our school is a voluntary aided school and belongs to the parish of St James, the Great, in Hattersley which is part of the  Diocese of Shrewsbury. Our Local Authority is Tameside MBC and we work closely with both the diocese and the local authority.

All children are welcome at our school. Most parents choose us because we are a small, friendly school with a strong Christian ethos and a family atmosphere. We have a good reputation in the local area for having well behaved and hardworking children who are particularly good at music and sport.

Why don’t you give us a ring or come and have a look round? You would be made very welcome!

Mrs J.A.Walker (Headteacher)

Term Dates

Autumn Term 2022

Opens: Monday 5th September 2022

Closes: Thursday 20th October 2022

Half Term

Opens: Monday 31st October 2022

Closes: Wednesday 21st December 2022

Spring Term 2023

Opens: Wednesday 4th January 2023

Closes: Friday 17th February 2023

Half term

Opens: Monday 27th February 2023

Closes: Wednesday 5th April 2023

Summer Term 2022

Opens: Wednesday 19th April 2023

Closes: Friday 26th May 2023

Half Term

Opens: Monday 12th June 2023

Closes: Friday 21st July 2023

– Thursday 1st September 2022
– Friday 2nd September 2022
– Friday 21st October 2022
– Tuesday 3rd January 2023
– Monday 24th July 2023