Autumn Term 1 – Class 2

We are very excited to be starting our Forest School sessions. This year, we are being led by Miss Alcock and we know that she has lots of exciting things planned for us to do over the next few weeks.  We hope you enjoy seeing what we have been doing each week.

Week 1 

This week we recapped the rules of Forest School and talked about how we need to keep ourselves and each other safe. We started off with a lovely reflection activity, before making ourselves some binoculars to help us see who is living in our forest school.  They also came in handy when we did the scavenger hunt.  We had a brilliant afternoon, which was rounded off with a story about our wonderful world and how we all have to play our part in looking after it.

Week 2

There was a letter waiting for us when we got to forest school this week.  It was from Gregor our friendly forest dragon and the woodland fairies that share our outdoor space.  They needed our help to rebuild some of the fairy houses that had been damaged and in return they left us some things to help us make fire like a dragon.  We got to work with rebuilding almost straight away.  We found that making fire like a dragon is trickier than it looks, but we had great fun trying!

Week 3

This week was the official start to autumn, we talked about what happens to the animals and plants in autumn and the changes we will soon start to see.  We read a story about a hedgehog who was getting ready to hibernate and decided that we would create our own hedgehog hotel.  Whilst some of us got to work building, the rest of us had a go at making toasting sticks that we will use in future weeks.  

Week 4

Today we made a fire and had the opportunity to toast some crumpets. A big thank you to Mrs Snarr for coming to help us.  Whilst we were waiting for our turn to toast around the fire, we had a go at some photography.  This term we have been looking at the Gruffalo in English and we had some stencils of the different characters, that we used to take photographs.

Week 5

Today was our final forest school session.  Over the last few weeks, we have watched the leaves on the trees slowly change colour and fall to the ground.  This afternoon we used those leaves to create some artwork.  We used them to add detail to pictures of animals and to make autumn flowers.  We have had a fantastic time over the past few weeks and have learnt lots of new skills.  We can’t wait until next time.